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We can recover what is due for the fraction of the cost of traditional law firms. Avoid the high cost of lawyers with the #1 rated court agency in Alberta!

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Need someone who’s going to fight for you?

Our team at Pur-Sue Action can assist in resolving any debt or damage dispute you come up against. We can expedite your claim process in a way that reduces costs compared to traditional legal services. If you are a business owner or individual, you can feel confident we will represent your matter

Builders Liens

Secure your payment rights without the legal overhead. Choose Alberta's top court agent for efficient lien filing.
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Breached Contracts

Resolve contract disputes affordably and effectively. Count on our expertise for favorable outcomes.
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Construction Disputes

Navigate construction disagreements without costly legal fees. We specialize in quick and fair resolutions
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Delinquent Accounts

Recover your money from overdue accounts without draining resources. We simplify the recovery process.
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General Debts & Loans

Get what you're owed in debts and loans without a hefty legal bill. Our streamlined approach saves you time and money.
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Property Damage

Settle property damage claims without breaking the bank. We make the complex simple, efficiently.
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How We Work


Call us and we will have a 30 minute free consultation to evaluate your needs.

We File Your Claim

We then file the Statement of Claim at ProvincialCourt and pay the all fees that are required by theCourt.


Court AppointedMediators will meet with both parties in ProvincialCourt to try to resolve the action before it goes infront of a Provincial Court Judge.

Pre Trial Conference

If the matter is not resolved at Mediation then a Pre-Trial Conference will be scheduled. Pre-Trials can bescheduled anywhere from 3-6 months after theMediation.


Together we will create a list of required witnessesand prepare the Client and Witnesses to testify infront of a Provincial Court Judge.

Judgment Enforcement

Once the Trial Judge has delivered the Judgment, we can assist in getting the judgment enforced so you actually receive themoney you are owed.