One Easy Flat Fee

Small Claims Court Agents  vs.  Lawyers and Collection Companies and Self Representation

***A majority of the general public (business owners included) – do not realize – they do not require a lawyer – to pursue an action in Alberta Small Claims Court. ***


Hiring a lawyer who invoices by the hour and for every little incidental office expense – can be very expensive – and throughout it  –  you have no idea what it will end up costing.

Hiring a collection company often obtains little or no results and doesn’t allow you to recover your costs or interest.

Self representing is an option available to anyone wishing to pursue an action in Small Claims Court.

However, Small Claims Court can be complicated and very time consuming and not knowing the law can be the difference between winning or losing your case.  We often get hired after self represented clients have poorly drafted and filed their Statement of Claim or Dispute Note, and realize they are in need of experienced and professional representation, as the matter proceeds through the courts.

Hiring PUR-SUE ACTION-Small Claims Court Agency who’s “one-time ALL INCLUSIVE flat-fee” – gives every client the upfront knowledge of exactly what their legal costs will be.

Our “one-time ALL INCLUSIVE flat fee”  includes court document(s) preparation, filing(s) and serving the claim/documents upon the other party.  Our firm pays for ALL – disbursement(s), court filing fee(s) and our Agents attend ALL court appearances with each and every client – including Mediation, Pre-Trial Conference, JDR (Judicial Dispute Resolution), Expedited Trial, Trial, Chambers, Applications and Assessment Hearings.   In most cases, we are able to recover, for our clients, a significant portion of the fees and costs.


We are Small Claims Court Agents  NOT  Lawyers – we DO NOT invoice like Lawyers!

PUR-SUE ACTION-Small Claims Court Agency – does NOT CHARGE by the hour – for anything.  We charge a “one-time-ALL INCLUSIVE-flat fee” to professionally manage and represent your Civil claim, until a settlement with the other party or we have a court ordered judgment.

 Our Guarantee

We guarantee – you will never pay an hourly fee for any services and also we guarantee that our “one-time ALL-INCLUSIVE flat fee” charged is inclusive of all disbursements, all services required, including our Agents will be in attendance at ALL Court appearances at no additional charge.  Subject to the terms and conditions in our contract.

We guarantee – to every client that our Agents are dedicated, detailed, professional and experienced in the arena of Alberta Small Claims Court and will treat your case with the utmost professionalism and ethics.

We are one of the most accomplished Agency in Alberta Small Claims Court matters!

Our Agents have almost 20 years of combined experience in the legal industry are are dedicated to strongly advocating for your rights.  But don’t take our word for it, see our first hand client reviews on Google.

Our record of successfully winning cases, on our clients behalf – speaks volumes, in our on-line client reviews.