Alberta General Debt Recovery

Secure your unpaid invoices and protect your financial interests with our end-to-end solutions. From sending the final demand to navigating Small Claims Court, we're your navigators in the complex world of debts and loans.

Protecting your financial interests often starts with a simple piece of paper: an invoice, a contract, or a final demand for payment. When these obligations go unanswered, it can jeopardize your financial stability. From sending a well-crafted final demand to considering the expediency of Small Claims Court, we guide you through the decisive steps to secure what's rightfully yours. If your client leaves you high and dry, don't fret. We help you weigh your legal options, assess the total amount you're owed, and navigate the complexities of court procedures. Whether your case is fit for Small Claims Court or requires more substantial action, we’re here to help you reclaim your financial peace of mind.

The Last Straw: Final Demand for Payment

Before resorting to legal avenues, it's beneficial to send a final demand for payment to your client. This formal letter serves multiple purposes. It acts as a warning, stating clearly the total amount owed, any accrued late fees, and the deadline for settling the debt. Furthermore, it serves as crucial evidence if you decide to take legal action. This document can bolster your case, showing you made a concerted effort to resolve the issue amicably.

Assess the Damage: Is Legal Action Justified?

After sending a final demand, if the amount remains unpaid, you must consider if pursuing a legal route is financially worthwhile. Evaluate all the variables, such as the total amount owed, any related unreimbursed expenses, and the cost of legal action.

Small Claims Court: A Quick Solution

If the amount owed is $50,000 or less, Small Claims Court is a viable option in Alberta. This court aims to resolve disputes efficiently and is less time-consuming and costly than the Court of Queen's Bench. The maximum claim amount varies by province, so it's important to consult local regulations.

Who Foots the Bill? Understanding Court Costs

In Small Claims Court, the judge's ruling typically includes a decision on court costs. Generally, the winning party is awarded these costs. Being well-prepared and well-represented can not only help you win your case but also minimize your financial burdens.

Our seasoned team is ready to assist you through each phase of reclaiming your money. Don't let unpaid invoices and unsettled loans compromise your financial security. Reach out to us for expert guidance.